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The top 3 advantages of cloud computing for your SME
Cloud computing democratizes corporate communication for businesses of all sizes, paving the way for new possibilities and big savings that can be reinvested in your growth. Here are three reasons to adopt unified communications.
4 types of mobile apps for better efficiency at work
Are you one of those people who need to maximize every minute of every day? Do you want to be more efficient at work? We’ve put together a list of the top work-related apps, broken down into four distinct categories. This list of helpful mobile apps will simplify your life and help optimize your time.
Winning products to entertain your customers while they wait
Despite impeccable service, sometimes customers are required to wait longer than expected, whether at a restaurant or in a waiting room. Here are three suggestions to help make the experience as pleasant as possible.
5 ways to improve your website
Online, first impressions are crucial. Within 15 seconds, users visiting your page make a choice. Either they click on the little red x at the top of the page, or they stay on your site.
How to build customer loyalty
In 2018, 257 restaurants in Québec filed for bankruptcy. It’s therefore essential that restaurants and bars learn how to stand out from the competition!
The exorbitant cost of a bad business Internet connection
Le coût d’une panne de réseau peut avoir des conséquences dramatiques pour une entreprise. En 2017, les entreprises perdaient en moyenne 100 000 $ pour chaque heure d'arrêt sur leur site (selon Forbes)! Le temps, c’est de l’argent, mais c’est aussi du service. Voici trois situations critiques où une entreprise ne peut se passer d’une connexion fiable.