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SP Apparel and Videotron Business join forces for the Radius wristband
With the goal of helping its customers and Québec companies overcome the effects of the pandemic, Videotron mobilized its team in the spring of 2020 to initiate solutions to improve people’s health and everyday lives while contributing to rebooting the economy.
Radius wristband: a promising solution, a company agrees
Particularly at work, physical distancing can become elastic after some time. However, if everyone wants to go back to work with their colleagues, clients, and suppliers, health and individual and collective safety are as much a priority now as they were at the start of the pandemic.
The exorbitant cost of a bad business Internet connection
Le coût d’une panne de réseau peut avoir des conséquences dramatiques pour une entreprise. En 2017, les entreprises perdaient en moyenne 100 000 $ pour chaque heure d'arrêt sur leur site (selon Forbes)! Le temps, c’est de l’argent, mais c’est aussi du service. Voici trois situations critiques où une entreprise ne peut se passer d’une connexion fiable.