Custom Wi-Fi installation

    Custom Wi-Fi installation

    Opt for a personalized approach adapted to your needs.
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    Discover our new custom Wi-Fi service, an installation that optimizes the Wi-Fi network performance throughout your entire establishment, and maximize the Wi-Fi experience of both your team and your customers.


    • The expert technician will evaluate your needs, install the Videotron New Generation Wi-Fi Router in its optimal location, and use performance indicators to verify the strength of your Wi-Fi connection throughout your entire establishment.
    • Devices that optimize your Wi-Fi signal are available for $75 per unit.[1]
    • The technician will connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network and advise you on the use of your connected devices.[2]
    Included, free of charge, with the installation of a New Generation Wi-Fi Router by a Videotron expert technician.
    Wi-Fi Distinction Program
    Starting at $000*/month *with a Hybrid Fibre 100/50 plan or higher
    100/50 Guaranteed Internet Access

    Make sure your business never stops with a Guaranteed Internet Access.

    Starting at $10995*/month *with a 36-month agreement
    Office 365
    Starting at $295*/month *per user
    Optimal Business Line
    • Jusqu’à 13 options, dont la Cascade des appels entrants
    • Appels interurbains illimités au Canada et aux États-Unis (1)
    • Appels à 4 ¢ la minute vers 30 pays
    $369* *With a 36-month agreement* Price guaranteed for the whole term.