Mobile network coverage

An ultravast, high-performance Mobile network

Renowned network performance

Canada-wide network coverage

LTE technology across the entire territory

Canada-wide LTE coverage

Working from the office, attending a conference in Toronto, or heading to a business meeting in a remote location? Videotron’s LTE Mobile network covers all of Canada. Thanks to our powerful network, you can browse the web with ease and benefit from an interruption-free Internet connection.

Don’t limit yourself to Wi-Fi areas during business travel

Need your phone for work, but don’t want to be stuck in your hotel room? Whether your business takes you to the United States, Belgium or Greenland, use your current Mobile plan exactly like you would back home, or opt for one of our Canada-US plans.

Enjoy worldwide coverage thanks to Wi-Fi Calling.

During business travel, connect to a Wi-Fi network. You’ll be able to make local calls in more than 100 countries, or make free long-distance calls to Canada. All you need to do is activate the Wi-Fi Calling feature on your device.