US Daily Traveller Pass

    US Daily Traveller Pass

    Use your current plan in the US*

    Models Option voyageur 24h États-Unis:

    Travel in complete peace of mind and continue benefitting from your current plan, even while you are abroad (available with eligible Business plans).

    When you activate the Daily Traveller Pass on your mobile plan while travelling, you will pay a fixed rate for a 24-hour period, beginning when you first use a service that is part of your plan.

    Service usage (voice, text messages and data) will be calculated as part of your plan’s monthly allowance (in minutes, SMS and GB).

    If you go over your data limit, overage charges will apply.


    • Unlimited texting, talking and sharing, all over the world
    • Use your plan’s data allowance in its entirety, no limits, even while travelling
    • Track your roaming charges
    • Only pay for the days you use while roaming: up to a maximum of 10 days in the US per billing cycle.
    per day