Telework cybersecurity

    Telework cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity solutions: Business router, business VPN service and unified threat management (data theft, computer hacking, …)

    Models :

    Ensure your business continuity without jeopardizing security with our different teleworking solutions. Make your employees feel safe by keeping your business safe from hacking and data theft.

    Simplify the management of your local area network (LAN) and teleworkers with our Business routing service. Facilitate cooperation and the security of communications between employees working from home. Our turnkey VPN service deployed, configured, and supported by Videotron Business enables all of your employees to work safely anywhere. 

    Plus, benefit from the performance, reliability, and reach of our private network, which combines coaxial cable and fibre optics. A variety of solutions adapted to your needs.


    A selection of options are included with the solutions :
    • WEB and DNS filtering for websites 
    • Intrusion prevention to put a stop to threats 
    • Encryption mechanism ensuring the confidentiality of data transferred
    • Security on a private network
    • Guaranteed access to your company’s private network
    • Unified threat management
    Starting at $ 
    Hybrid Teleworking
    Optimize communications between your clients and teleworking employees.
    $1500*/month *Price per employee with a 36-month agreement
    If combined with a Videotron Business Mobile Telephone plan
    Internet VPN
    Contact us to get an offer that fits your needs