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Spotlight on SME: Employees—the heart of our? success!

24 Oct 2017

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

For the second time in as many years, Spotlight on SME, an initiative of the Quebec Technology Association (AQT) in partnership with Videotron Business, is celebrating inspirational Quebec-based businesses. 

Each month, a jury names a SME business that specializes in information and communication technologies (ICT) that has distinguished itself through its vision, values, and success. All finalists are invited to the annual gala, held October 25th—where the winning SME business will be revealed! 

Here are the profiles of two finalists that caught our attention. 

XYZ Cultural Technology 
Established in 2006, XYZ Cultural Technology specializes in custom audio-visual systems. Its mission is to promote culture through technology use, and it employs 50 individuals in Quebec, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico.  
The company has over a hundred projects around the world in museums, performance spaces, and public cultural spaces, ranging from simple interactive models to extravagant immersive devices. One thing is for certain: the company provides its customers with innovative audio-visual solutions that push the boundaries of technology. 
“It’s often big projects that enable us to grow,” comments XYZ President Jacques Larue (in french only). “Big projects inspire the team, bring new creative opportunities, while helping us attract top talent—and honestly, our talented employees are what makes the difference.” 
Dedication, technological skill, and the XYZ team itself make this business one of our favourites. 

Ipnos, founded in 2010, is a creative studio that designs mobile health and wellness applications. An app industry mainstay, the company experimented with various business models until they found the marketing plan that suited them best; they also were able to acquire expertise in monetization strategies.  
“Our first application was created because co-founder Philippe Lapierre needed it; he developed tinnitus and couldn’t sleep,” explains Simon Alex Bérubé, Ipnos President and Co-founder (in french only). “We wanted to create our own nature ambience soundtrack to help him, and others, fall asleep.” 

Today, the company has 40 million downloads, without major marketing investment, nor user/customer acquisition.
Ipnos’ guiding light is wellness—whether for office products, or in its offices themselves. The team can sometimes be found meditating (among other healthy activities!), which is not only fun, but also helps them focus on their work, as well as better equip themselves to listen to clients.  

A philosophy centred on employee talent and wellbeing is what helped these two finalists succeed and grow. This, combined with dedicated work, contributes to XYZ Cultural Technology and IPNOS’ winning formulas. 

Stay tuned to find out who the winning SME business is after votes have been tallied, and the jury has deliberated. Best of luck to all finalists! 

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