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C2 Montréal 2018: Key trends / Big data and information management

13 Jun 2018

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business


The C2 Montréal business conference is a perennial burst of creativity that explodes in Montréal every spring, releasing a heady mix of new ideas, new encounters and new experiences.

This year, it was held from May 23 to 25 in the magnificent architecture of the Arsenal exhibition space. The speeches, workshops, braindates and other innovative activities addressed current problems and themes revolving around the operationalization of creativity in industry and technology.

Here are some of the key trends that dominated the discussions.


The science of data is increasingly precise

The huge masses of data collected every day require more powerful and more granular extraction and processing methods. The optimized algorithms that are now being created have to be purpose developed for the specific use to which they will be put. Amongst other things, businesses in all industries are using such algorithms to exploit the decision-support possibilities of big data.


Limitations on the use of data in business

While democratization of data access and usage in business is happening, it is also tightly controlled. New legislation on the use of data in the workplace is set to take effect. These new rules will make for much better management of data collection, usage and retention, as well as improved traceability. Safeguards on the use of information are supported by ever stricter rules, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.


Data has value

Data has become a highly valuable asset. Its worth is calculated on the basis of its capacity to support the development of new products and services, not just the amount of money for which it could be sold. The new services created by tapping into data often become emblematic of the trendiest companies. They represent added value that can’t be measured just by cash flow. For example, service design is a fertile field for innovation and new ways to monetize data.

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