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The 2014 Montreal International Startup Festival

27 Feb 2014

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

The 4th edition of the International Startup Festival recently kicked off at Montreal’s Old Port, and will take place until July 12th. Videotron Business Solutions is the official presenter of this event, consisting in 4 days of discussions and conferences on entrepreneurship. This is a natural fit for us, given our long-term commitment to the development of local new businesses. This year, the theme is “Startups and the City,” and no less than several hundreds entrepreneurs, innovators and founders of new companies for all over the world are present.

Videotron Business Solutions, stated that the company was “thrilled to be a part of this major event, which enables influencers from near and far to exchange ideas, get inspired, and present their innovative ideas to colleagues on a global scale. We want to foster and encourage innovation through this event, where participants can think and create differently”.

Conferences not to be missed

Many captivating speakers will take the stage, discussing their own experience or sharing their point of view. We can for instance talk about Montrealer Mohammed Hage, the founder and CEO of Lufa Farms, which grows sustainable vegetables on the city’s roofs, and generates a lot of buzz!

Another speaker of note: Lia Grimanis, which was chosen by the Financial Post as one of the ‘100 most powerful women in Canada’. Once homeless during her youth, she became a financial executive, and founded 4 non-profit organizations that help homeless women and children.

And last but not least: Guy Rosen, a product director for Facebook. Once an influential blogger and analyst in the world of cloud computing, he co-founded a company that aimed at helping people better understand their mobile data usage.

The Startup Festival had every reason to be proud of putting forward such noteworthy speakers!

A prestigious contest

For the occasion, Videotron Business Solutions organized a contest in order to help young companies from Quebec stand out. During the Festival, judges from Quebecor Media, Videotron Business Solutions and MAtv will select 3 companies among hundreds of contestants. These startups will have the opportunity to pitch their candidature to the panel. Judges will then decide on a winner, which will obtain 3 months of lease at Notman House, and well as plenty of media exposure, for a total worth of over 30,000$.

We will be there!

Bolstered by our such positive experience at the most recent C2MTL, we decided to send back a small team throughout the Festival, so they can get a feel of everything happening there. It will therefore be possible to follow the event through the Videotron Twitter feed, as well as to read some insights right here on the Taking Care of Business platform.

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