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iLLOGIKA, proud to be a part of Parcours Innovation PME Montréal

20 Nov 2017

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

An initiative started by the City of Montréal, Parcours Innovation PME Montréal seeks to stimulate the innovation and growth of Montréal’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

Parcours Innovation offers SMEs high-level structured coaching to help them resolve business issues in an innovative manner that come to the fore during their development. To enable these businesses to reach their goals and foster inspiration, SMEs have special access to training and conferences—such as the C2 Montréal event.

In 2016, several SMEs participated in Parcours Innovation, including iLLOGIKA, who caught our attention!


Highlighting its portfolio

Established in 2009 by a four-person team, iLLOGIKA now counts 40 employees! iLLOGIKA specializes in video game creation and mobile application development, as well as virtual and augmented reality project management. The company also develops its own signature video games, including Subaeria—known for its non-violent game play.

iLLOGIKA participated in Parcours Innovation PME Montréal because it wanted to highlight its portfolio, and attract the attention of large American firms. During the program, iLLOGIKA was able to critically assess its activities, meet entrepreneurs from various industries, and perfect techniques, including its sales pitch. Most importantly, iLLOGIKA was able to solidify its values and collaborative spirit.


A unique experience

“We were immersed in the dynamic universe that the City of Montréal’s Economic Development Team had created. This unique experience helped us reposition ourselves in order to emphasize and cultivate creativity for our product and service marketing. We were also able to bolster the skills of our artistic team, a group of individuals who are constantly evolving thanks to a healthy and stimulating work environment” says iLLOGIKA President David Fugère-Lamarre.

By creatively distinguishing itself from its competitors, following participation in Parcours Innovation, the Montréal-based company was in fact able to attract their sought-after clientele. The future looks bright for iLLOGIKA, who fully benefited from what they learned and experienced at Parcours Innovation PME Montréal.

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