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3 Ways to Optimize Your Telecommunications Operating Expenses

8 Mar 2017

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

These days, in order to stay both efficient and up to date, businesses have to plan for technology related expenses. So, here are three ways to reduce your operating expenses (OPEX), while maintaining the performance and quality of your telecommunications services.

1.  Adopt the “Bring Your Own Device” model

The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) model allows employees to use their personal mobile devices at work for professional purposes. In addition to offering employees the option to choose their own device, this technology policy allows you to diminish costs related to buying devices.

Putting this practice in place will mean a savings of up to 20% on monthly subscription costs. For large businesses, this could be even more significant, because they often finance not only a large number of devices but also incur the costs of additional resources for managing and maintaining them. 

2.  Get all your services from the same provider

First of all, getting all of your telecommunications services through the same provider allows you to benefit from a single point of contact for all of these services. Whether there’s a technical problem, an addition or change in services, or simply a need for more information, you will always have the same quality of service, in addition to only having one number to call.

Secondly, several providers offer monthly rebates when an enterprise combines multiple services. It’s a way of recognizing their loyalty and reducing their monthly invoice.

Finally, by receiving a single invoice each month, businesses can also reduce the work associated with administration, leaving more time for more important projects.

3. Opt for the long term

Opting for longer service agreements with your provider can also help you to cut costs. Several providers offer terms of up to 60 months for their connectivity products and services, which can mean significant savings as compared to shorter agreements. This appoach also allows for better planning as you can anticipate costs and keep your monthly payment constant. 

Finally, reducing costs related to telecommunications isn’t always synonymous with a reduction in service performance. Whether it’s through the “Bring Your Own Device” option, by grouping your services together through a single provider, or by opting for longer service agreements, these various methods offer a tangible way to increase your competitiveness and your investment capacity, all while maintaining the quality of your telecommunications services.

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