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Three ways for your restaurant / bar to gain loyal customers

5 Apr 2017

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

With more than 20,000 establishments in Quebec as of 2015, it is becoming more difficult for a restaurant to grow, let alone simply maintain its place in the industry. In addition to offering quality cuisine, restaurant businesses can score high marks by concentrating on ambience and value added services such as telecommunications services.

Focusing on ambience
With today’s abundance of restaurants and bars, consumers definitely have a vast selection to choose from. And for restaurant owners, attracting a clientele and gaining their loyalty can be a significant challenge. The prevailing ambience of a restaurant or bar has a huge influence on its popularity. In fact, 68% of customers confirm that ambience is a deciding factor in their choice to come back to an establishment, or to recommend it to others.

Offer a variety of music
Three quarters of the population enjoys listening to music at a restaurant. However, did you know that 43% of customers prefer to hear a variety of music, rather than one particular style? So it is certainly recommended that you opt for a music service like Stingray orMuchmusic, that offers a great choice for your clientele and a simple and advantageous solution. It’s simple—select the music, depending upon the day and the time, to create the ideal atmosphere.

Organize events
In general, watching a sporting event is a group activity. And so, organizing a punctual broadcast of targeted events (hockey, soccer, a concert or a performance) is a way to bring more people into your establishment, so they can spend time with friends. Of course, the image quality also has a huge effect on the customer experience, and an HD TV service, or an Ultra-HD, with a 4K terminal, will ensure a successful event.

Offer a Wi-Fi connection
People who are passionate about food love to take photographs of their meals and share their experiences on social media platforms, just like sports fans love to capture the evening in images. All of these real-time sharing activities impose data consumption. To help the situation, and to take your customer’s minds off the use of their own data, the best solution is to offer a free Wi-Fi connection. Your customers will be more inclined to come back. And not only will they be sharing their most memorable moments on the Internet, but they will also be promoting your establishment while they’re at it.

Get an ultra-reliableInternet connection
An unexpected interruption in Internet service can rapidly spoil an otherwise great customer experience. Construction work or a gnawing rodent are also factors that can cause an interruption. You can prevent these unfortunate circumstances and ensure the continuity of your business and great reputation among your clientele. To avoid any surprises, a solution that involves a mobile access is crucial. By opting for a wireless backup service, you can protect yourself against any problems with your Internet connection.

Be available by telephone
Don’t forget that certain customers will want to speak with you, whether to make a change of reservation, to let you know that they will be late, or to make a special request. Having a telephone line ensures that you are always reachable, and that you won’t miss an occasion to be in touch with your clientele and offer them great service. Furthermore, you can also transfer these phone calls to your mobile phone, whenever you need.

Finally, even the best dishes won’t be appreciated without the proper ambience. To ensure the survival of your restaurant, it’s important to diversify your features and to choose telecommunications services that contribute to the well-being of your customers, which will gain their loyalty.

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