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Three points to consider when choosing an Internet service provider

5 Apr 2017

By Dominique Nehmé
Marketing Director, Internet

In business, regardless of the size of your company, Internet access has become essential. And all the service providers out there offer a wide range of packages and specialized services to choose from, to help meet the needs of your company. 

Here are three important tips to consider when choosing your business’s Internet services. 

1. Your usage. It’s vital that you know just how much data your company uses and how fast you need your transfer speed to be. Your current provider can give you this information. If you currently do not have Internet service, you will need to evaluate your needs. How many devices will be connected to the Internet at the same time? Two, twenty, forty? The size of the files you transfer are also an important factor to consider. Rest assured that Internet service providers all have advisors ready to help you evaluate your Internet needs. 

2. The reliability of your service. Not all Internet services are the same when it comes to meeting the needs of your clients. When researching the different options available, you might want to turn to the findings of independent research companies, such as J.D. Powers or Consumer Reports, who offer unbiased evaluations of the Internet providers currently on the market. 

First off, know that providers who own their own network will be more reliable than those renting one from a network operator. With network ownership comes the power to intervene immediately, which often translates into faster resolution times. Also, make sure to inform yourself about the different types of Internet access available to you. Many providers offer Internet services on a coaxial cable and fibre hybrid network in order to allow businesses to grow and expand. With such networks, increasing transfer speeds or linking new offices should not be a problem. 

Finally, it’s important to choose a provider who will be able to offer you an efficient backup solution in the case of a network outage. A severed cable due to bad weather, for example, will interrupt your Internet service. To remedy such situations, some providers offer wireless backup service, a Internet connection on the mobile network, so you can have complete peace of mind. 

3. Collaboration solutions. When comparing providers, consider the services that could help increase your productivity and facilitate collaboration within your company. Certain complementary solutions can prove to be true competitive advantages. For example: 

  • Cloud-computing services, like Office 365, make sharing files, managing emails and increasing storage a whole lot easier. Plus, they offer collaboration apps that are extremely handy for when you have to work remotely. 
  • Fixed IP addresses let you host your website on your own server and link all your offices via a virtual private network. 
  • An optimized Wi-Fi connection gives you the possibility to offer free Internet access throughout your building. That way, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and increase customer loyalty.  
  • A security service protects your confidential data and your equipment. 

Having a reliable Internet connection, with all the services that come with it, is now at the heart of all business strategies—it’s what drives a company’s performance. This means that choosing a business partner with the know-how to follow the growth of your company should be your number one business priority.  

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Marketing Director, Internet

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