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14 Aug 2017

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

Today, everyone expects to be able to check email or surf the Web all the time, whether in a waiting room at the dentist’s office or in line at the grocery store. For a retailer, it’s possible to improve the customer experience very simply and efficiently, and to stand out from competitors.

Free Wi-Fi
According to a study led by Google, 82% of people who have a smartphone consult it in stores to learn more about the product that they want to buy or the service that they want to sign up for. Additionally, 30% of smartphone users mention that, if Wi-Fi were free, they would check the Web to learn more about other items in the store, and 20% of users would spend more time in the store.

This tendency is everywhere, whether in a clothing boutique or an electronics store, at a restaurant or even a florist. Searching out information or inspiration, evaluating products, comparing prices—everything is a pretext for getting online—not to mention staying connected with your peers or verifying the number of points you’ve collected on your digital customer loyalty cards.
This is even truer in grocery stores, where, more than ever before, customers are seeking information: recipes, meal planning, nutritional info, etc. Offering a free and secure Wi-Fi connection has become a must-have for customer satisfaction.

A reliable Internet connection
If Wi-Fi allows you to serve the customers in your store, the reliability of the network is absolutely of utmost importance to meeting their needs and expectations, especially when they’re getting ready to check out. Who hasn’t endured the cash register that’s out of order and the frustration of customers who are waiting for the problem to be fixed?

A breakdown in the Internet connection can have huge consequences on sales in both the short and long term. A customer who waits at the cash register to pay for their items will lose patience after only two and a half minutes, and half of customers will stop going to a store where they had to wait more than five minutes to check out.1

In order to prevent these risks, it is recommended to have two distinct networks, one cable and one wireless. The latter will pick up the slack in a fluid manner, without any service interruptions, in the case of a cable network breakdown.

Practical telephone service
To facilitate your communications with customers and to ensure their greatest possible satisfaction at all times, it’s important that they be able to contact you by phone. Personalization of the automated voice messaging system will allow you to gain precious time, by giving responses to the most frequently asked questions, such as the business hours, the address of your stores and the return policies.
To set yourself apart from the competition, make sure to offer your customers the best experience possible every time they visit your store.

1-James BICKERS, The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers, [En ligne], 2013.

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