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Can you afford to lose your Internet connection?

20 Jul 2015

By Dominique Nehmé
Marketing Director, Internet

A reliable Internet connection is essential for a business to run smoothly. Whether it’s used to conduct transactions, manage inventory or connect with customers, a stable Internet connection is crucial for efficient business operations. When a business loses its Internet connection, even just temporarily, it can quickly lead to loss of productivity and revenue.

Internet interruptions are often accidental and uncontrollable. For example, an involuntary disconnection, equipment malfunction, breach in infrastructure caused by the weather or as a result of construction or renovations can all lead to a service interruption.

When a retail store loses its Internet connection, sales virtually come to a halt, point-of-sale terminals cease to operate and the store experiences an immediate drop in revenue. Not to mention the financial impact of a decrease in productivity among employees and customer dissatisfaction. These last two points may be harder to quantify, but they are just as important when evaluating risk factors.

Did you know?

  • In a retail store, customers waiting in line will lose patience after only two and a half minutes.1
  • 50% of customers will avoid brands and retailers where they have had to wait in line for over five minutes.1
  • 33% of customers who wait for over five minutes will leave a line and will not make a purchase.1
  • 50% of businesses do not have a contingency plan for Internet connection loss.2


How can you protect yourself from an Internet service interruption?

Some businesses protect themselves by subscribing to a second wired Internet connection from a different service provider. But on top of being costly, this alternative requires a manual intervention seeing as the secondary connection will not automatically kick in if and when the primary connection stops working. Also, most wired connections use the same structures, which means that when the network is experiencing problems, both connections are at risk.

However, there exists an alternative solution, one where your physical network won’t be affected by accidents or weather conditions. This solution offers companies a way of eliminating the risks related to Internet connection loss. It seamlessly transfers your Internet signal to a wireless network with no interruption in service. This solution is known as a wireless backup, and it’ll keep your business running so smoothly that your staff and customers won’t even notice the difference.

Wireless networks are becoming more and more reliable, and wireless backup allows for data transfer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is more than enough for any business. According to Cisco the average annual global data transfer speed used in 2014 was 20 Mbps (this number is expected to increase to 43 Mbps by 2019), which is considerably lower than the speeds offered by wireless backup.

Better than an insurance policy

Wireless backup ensures business continuity. Where an insurance policy protects you against damages, a wireless backup goes one step further by preventing Internet downtime altogether. Equipping your business with wireless backup means offering yourself peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on what’s really important—your business.

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Marketing Director, Internet