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How TV can improve your customers’ satisfaction

11 Aug 2014

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

Today’s clientele has increasingly high standards, and wishes to remain “connected” at all times (well, almost). If your business, or clinic has a waiting area, installing one or several TV sets is an excellent way to meet this need. Indeed, adding TV sets to your place of business is a simple, affordable way of creating the atmosphere you want.

Customers who need to wait, even only a few minutes, will feel more relaxed when a TV is at their disposition. In certain businesses, TV can even increase sales and bring a competitive edge by providing entertainment.

People’s perception of a place is most often favorable when they enter and see a TV set; it conjures a welcoming, lively, and connected vibe. Here are a few tips for optimizing the impact of TV within your business.

Adapting the screen

In the case of a waiting area, the TV screen size should be proportional to the space, in order to enhance the customers’ or patients’ comfort. The distance between the TV set and the seats dictates which screen size to choose.

For instance, a 46-inch screen offers better visibility from a distance located between 1.8 meters and 3.5 meters. For a 60-inch screen, the ideal distance rather falls between 2.3 meters and 4.6 meters.

However, depending on the context, you could use more than one TV set, or even individual screens, in order to create separate zones (a kids’ corner, for instance).

Wall-mounted flat screen TVs are ideal for public spaces, since they don’t take up a lot of room and can be viewed from different angles.

Selecting the content

Should be present a live newscast? Sports-related content? Children’s programs? This obviously depends on your clientele. Quickly analyzing your customers’ profile or conducting an informal poll among them are two ways to better understand what they would like, and make it possible for you to better grasp what kind of content you need to present.

In the case of a waiting area, it could be a good idea to present relaxing content, which provides an opportunity to unwind as well as a temporary “escape”, such as travel or design shows.

The ambiance you wish to create, as well as the kind of clientele you have should be important indicators when choosing the channels of your TV package.


Prioritizing service

When you are ready to select a service provider, channel quality, diversity, and flexibility in assembling a customized package should all be decisive criteria.

Reliability, and quality of customer service, should also guide you in choosing a service provider. Other factors to consider: qualified technicians, and helpful, professional service…

All businesses with a waiting or welcoming area can benefit from adding a TV set. It is a service customers appreciate and are thankful for. The level of attention you put in this area, which acts as an important first impression of your business, will in no doubt be worthwhile for your company.


Videotron Business Solutions offers a TV experience powered by optical fiber, and based on a wide package offer, tailored to the needs of every business. Our level of customer satisfaction is 97.9%*, ensuring that you will obtain the best experience, and the best service.


*According to a Leger Marketing  customer service Survey, conducted in October 2014.

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