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How to maximize your employees’ engagement ?

By Christèle Gran-Villeneuve

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Do you know how to spot your most engaged employees? These people create a dynamic, inspiring atmosphere, and are very involved when it comes to the different goals you set for them. Additionally, they would do (almost) anything to help your company succeed.

If you’re wondering about the best ways to maintain their engagement, first know that, as a manager, you are best suited for doing so. First and foremost, you should lead by example, because there is no magic bullet… However, some ideas and initiatives used by other companies could inspire you.

Marc-André Lanciault, the CEO of Karelab, a firm specializing in employee engagement and acknowledgement, recently shared several ideas with me. To these, I add a few of my own, found thanks to my most recent reading.

Here are 7 ideas to keep your employees engaged.


Display your company culture and vision at the office

You should regularly communicate your company culture, mission, values and vision with your employees. This will remind them why they came to work for you, and bring a common goal to be shared by everyone. An efficient way of achieving this? Display this information on the walls, at your workplace. I see more and more companies doing it. Says Marc-André Lanciault, “the clearer and stronger your company culture, the better the chances of motivating your employees”.

Start a private Web community

Let your employees express themselves, and share their ideas and comments. This will result in maintaining a high level of confidence within the organization. You can do this in person through meetings, but a good practice would be to start a private Web community such as Crowdbase, Yammer, a private Facebook group, or even an acknowledgement platform customized according to your needs. I personally do this for one of my projects, and it helps me remain attentive. It’s also good for decision-making!

Give them visibility

Take a dew seconds to congratulate your employee’s work. You can do this in private or publicly, on social media, for instance. This constitutes a great way to show you are grateful for their efforts. “Make sure it is sincere,” reminds M. Lanciault, who regularly uses Facebook to write congratulation messages.

Give them the opportunity to learn and develop 

Think about starting a program enabling your employees to continue growing within your company, as a professional and as an individual. For instance, you can create professional co-development groups, making it possible for employees to train on skills that are already present in the organization. A mentoring program is also an excellent idea, as well as an important mobilization factor.

Give your employees the chance to launch projects within your company

Acknowledge that some of your employees may be “intrapreneurs.” They want to use their creativity within your company, and have good ideas to pitch. Give them this opportunity, while also making sure to retain control over at least part of the allocated budget for setting up these projects. This will strengthen

your employees’ sense of belonging and loyalty within the company, and they will not hesitate to spread the word around them.

Allow them to work from home

Authorize your employees to work from home so they can better achieve work-family balance. This way, you show your employees that you understand their needs. In return, they will make sure that their work is of outstanding quality in order to reach their goals, and will be very eager to please you, so they do not lose this opportunity. A telecommuting success story: Automattic, the company behind the online edition tool WordPress, manages its operations with employees in 141 cities and 28 countries.

Show your interest in them

Greet your employees in the morning, and ask them how they are. Saying “How do you do” may seem trivial, but this first contact in the morning shows the other person that you are interested in them and brings a lot of positive energy. It’s like an instant appreciation.

Did you ever try any of these ideas? And if not, how do you keep your employees engaged? I would love to read your thoughts on the subject.

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