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Preventing telephone fraud in your company

22 Jul 2014

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

Preventing telephone fraud in your company

Telephone fraud is unfortunately an all too common occurrence within companies. Experienced fraudsters can access your voicemail system, typically after business hours, and take advantage of weaknesses to make very expensive international calls.

The problem can affect companies of any type and size, and it is spread out globally. Sources state that this type of fraud costs a surprising total of $30 million[1] to enterprises in Canada! Since companies are usually held responsible and have to pay for these calls, prevention truly is the key in this regrettable situation.

How it works

Fraudsters can call your business number, access your voicemail system, and manage to get through because of an overly simple password. Once in the system, a malevolent user can access the settings and obtain a dial tone, which enables outgoing calls.


What you can do


  • Monitor voicemail boxes regularly. Unused ones are more vulnerable. You should always delete them when employees leave the company. Fraudsters could have also added new boxes.
  • Never keep the default passwords for voice mailboxes; these are too easy to guess.
  • Configure the telephone system so that users have to change their passwords often, for instance every 3 months.
  • Choose passwords that have at least 6 digits. Also, ask employees to come up with sufficiently complex passwords (for instance, the password should not correspond to the extension number).
  • Remain vigilant if suddenly the number of long distance calls increases, or if their destination changes. It is very important to study invoices closely since they will include the details of all long-distance calls.
  • Set up the most restrictive long distance call policy possible. For instance, you could deactivate access to international calls after business hours, or block long distance calls to certain destinations. You can also deactivate call transfers from the voicemail system, as well as operator calls, if these options are not required.
  • Review all security measures with the company that manages your telephone system and your devices, in order to make sure it does not present any weaknesses.


In short, fraud protection is the concern of everyone within a company, from the management to the technical team and to all employees. Make sure that everyone is aware of the danger.

For more information, please refer to our Telephone Fraud Prevention page.


[1] Source: Statistics Canada

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