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The BlackBerry Q10 is here!

28 Mar 2014

By Bruno Crispin
Marketing Director, Business Mobility

After launching the Z10 model in April, BlackBerry just introduced the latest version of its revamped smartphone, the Q10. This device, which offers a physical keyboard (compared to a tactile keyboard for the Z10), is now available through Videotron Business Solutions.

 A familiar look, but an ultra-modern new design

Why offer two different models? Even if the largest market segment now goes to tactile screens (it should be 97% by 2016*), Kristian Tear, the BlackBerry COO, recently remarked that many longtime BlackBerry users markedly prefer physical keyboards, which have always been one of the Canadian company’s strengths.

Indeed, according to several analysts, most other phone manufacturers pretty much conceded this market to Blackberry. Talking with CrackBerry, a specialized site, Tear assured that “the Qwerty (keyboard) market… is our market. This is our space. It builds on our credibility. It builds on something only we can offer.”

The 4-row keyboard is very complete, offering no less than 35 keys. Its disposition is very comfortable and ergonomic, with ridges in the keys that intuitively show where to press. The company says the keys are 30% bigger than before, aiming to make this keyboard as easy to use as possible.

The Q10 includes all of the same winning features as its cousin the Z10, including the BlackBerry Hub, screen sharing and the BlackBerry Balance, which makes it possible to maintain two separate environments on the same phone: one for work, and one for life. Read our recent post on the Z10 to learn more!

This phone means business

It’s no secret that the Blackberry Q10 is especially targeted at the business market, at a “power user” who juggles a large volume of emails, text messages, Internet content, conference calls. This type of user is looking for a high-quality device, and appreciates the experience of a real keyboard, and this is exactly what the Q10 offers.

According to the BlackBerry COO, 60% of Fortune 500 companies have already ordered the phone or are testing it right now. Will you join the club?

*According to a ABI research, as reported by MobileSyrup.

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Marketing Director, Business Mobility

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