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The 6 best Android applications for business people

20 Jan 2014

By Bruno Crispin
Marketing Director, Business Mobility

The Android platform now offers over 700 000 applications, including 60% that are free. This is clear benefit over the iPhone, for which 75% of applications must be purchased.

Our team has selected the Top 6 applications that truly meet the needs of business people.

TeamViewer Remote Control, free.

unnamed-3With this application, you can directly connect to your computer, at work or at home. Among other things, you can retrieve some emails, modify an important document, and even use any software installed on that computer. Note: In order to use this application, it also needs to be installed on the host computer.

Evernote, free.

unnamed-4This simple but so efficient application acts as a virtual pinboard: you can enter all of your ideas, notes, to-do lists, Web sites, pictures, audio recordings, and more. Then, you will be able to access these elements very easily, whether you’re on your own computer, a hotel’s, or your smartphone. You can even share your data with colleagues.

Square, free.

unnamed-5This system may very well be the most important technological development for small businesses in years. Providing you install the application and connect the small reader on your phone, it will enable you to accept credit card payments, wherever you are. You will then have to pay Square a small fee for each transaction, namely 2.75% of the amount.

LinkedIn, free.

unnamed-7You are most likely already familiar with this professional social network, with makes it possible to publish and share professional information and search for candidates, among other things. The mobile version allows you to see your contacts’ statuses and publish your own, as well as view your contacts’ networks.

Documents to Go, $14.95.

unnamed-9This application enables you to open and view Microsoft Office files directly on your smartphone, whether Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, or even Adobe PDF files. Through this application, you can literally take your office wherever you go. Use it for instance to view contracts, verify calculations, review proposals before they are sent out, etc.

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Marketing Director, Business Mobility