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Google Mobile Applications for business users

20 Dec 2013

By Bruno Crispin
Marketing Director, Business Mobility

Since the Android exploitation system belongs to Google, it comes as no surprise that many of its applications are pre-installed on our smartphones. Android users can thus have access to many interesting free applications, even if they are out of the office.

Here are a few of the main applications, which are all indispensable:

Google Play: Not so long ago, this application was called Android Market, but its name was aligned with the Google Suite. A little like the Apple App Store, this tool enables you to download hundreds of thousands of applications, books, and various content. With Google Play, your smartphone will literally become a window onto the world and your business.

Google Drive: This program enables you to store and share all your files, including documents, pictures and videos. Drive integrated the previous Google Docs application, which can be used to download, import, create or edit documents (with an interface similar to Microsoft Office). Files will then be accessible through your Google account, from your phone or your computer.

GMail : This email application is perfectly suited for businesses. Use it to manage several email accounts, manage domain names for one of a few web sites, and to synchronize your contacts as well as your planner with the Calendar. This information will then be made available wherever you connect.

Google Maps: This application truly is the gold standard. Whether for its precise maps that include 3D bulidings, its voice navigation, or its traffic in realtime, Google Maps offers what other specialised applications have a hard time selling for free!

Opening a Google account is now a must!


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Marketing Director, Business Mobility