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Are local businesses connected to Internet?

10 Dec 2013

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

As part of the Small Business Week, it is interesting to take a look at the state of Canadian entrepreneurship. Industry Canada recently published new statistics about Canadian businesses, highlighting the vitality of SMEs in the country. Dating from August 2013, these figures reveal that among a total of 1,107,540 businesses with employees in Canada, more than 98% of them, or 1,087,803 are considered small, with between 1 and 99 employees. In Quebec, there are 236,688 businesses, including 232,531 SMEs. This statistics follows the same proportion than the national trend, with 98%. Throughout Canada, 610,178 businesses have between 1 and 4 employees, making them “micro-enterprises”; these represent 55% of all companies. When you add companies with between 5 and 9 employees (219,771 of them) and companies that have between 10 and 19 (138,031), the trend is clear: the typical Canadian company is small.

In fact, in nearly 9 out of 10 cases, it has fewer than 20 employees.

Among the sectors where small businesses are especially active, we first find Wholesale Trade and Retail, with 204,270 in Canada, followed by Construction with 126,842, then, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, with 126,525. Other noteworthy statistics: Canada has 1 568 large companies with more than 500 employees, Nunavut is where you can find the smallest number of businesses, with 465, and 57% of all Canadian companies are either in Ontario or Quebec.

In Canada, more than 64% of private sector employees work for a small business.

It is very clear that the Canadian economic driving force lies within the creativity and perseverance of business people who not only contribute to the success of their own buisness every day, but also to the success of their own community. Kudos to all the entrepreneurs, promoters and business people, and happy SME week! Source : Industry Canada

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