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Migrating from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4

25 Oct 2013

By Bruno Crispin
Marketing Director, Business Mobility

Incredibly fast processor, perfect integration of the Google Suite, lots of customization possibilities, very large screen, light weight and ergonomics: there are many reasons to switch from an iPhone to one of the newest and most loved Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, according to a major British retailer, The Carphone Warehouse, 30% of their Samsung S4 sales could be attributed to iPhone users since the S4 launched in late April*.

Are you still hesitant to make the switch, because migrating your data seems daunting?  It is a fairly straightforward task, providing you use one or a few of the various tools available. Here are some of them.

Samsung Smart Switch

You can download this free software on your PC or your Mac. You can then perform a backup of your iPhone on your computer (you cannot use a could-based copy). When you launch Smart Switch, the application will ask you to plug in your Galaxy S4 to the computer (with the provided USB cable), and to select the device for which you want to initiate a transfer (in this case, the iPhone). A very intuitive menu then helps you select what you want to transfer, among other things your calendar, your messages, your contacts, but also your applications, your images, or your audio or video files.

Samsung Kies

Kies is the logical next step to Smart Switch. Similar to the iTunes software, it is a transfer and synchronization tool between the Galaxy S4 and your computer (PC or Mac). You can also use a physical backup of your iPhone to access your content, for instance your multimedia files.

Google account

If you do not already have a Google account (a centralized account enabling you to access Gmail as well as every other Google apps and sites, from the Play Store to Google +), you can create one for free, whether from your computer or your Samsung device. Through this account, you can for instance access the Google calendar, which is available from everywhere -all your computers and devices.

You can transfer your iPhone calendar to the Google calendar, through the Export menu.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 ships with a Dropbox account, with up to 48 Gb of data storage (a considerable amount, free for two years). Dropbox is a cloud-based file sharing service. It allows you to create a folder for each smart phone or computer, then access and synchronize the files from one to another.

Once your available space is claimed (by connecting through a computer and completing a few steps), it constitutes an additional tool for transferring data from one mobile phone to another (with cloud-based backups as a bonus).


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Marketing Director, Business Mobility