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OSEntreprendre – Stefanka Lingerie

12 Sep 2016

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

At the latest Défi OSEntreprendre Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Videotron Business Solutions had the privilege of meeting the team from Stefanka Lingerie and awarding it the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Grand Prize, the People's Choice Prize and the Jury's Favorite Prize for female entrepreneurship in recognition of its ingenuity. Stefanka Lingerie’s product, developed by the young HEC Montréal graduate Elizabeth Stefanka, has the potential to revolutionize the way we buy bras.

Easy and fun

Who would have thought that buying a bra could one day be so straightforward and fun? 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, which must mean that shopping for one is not always an enjoyable experience, said Stefanka.

Driven by a desire to put an end to decades of disappointment when it came to fit and comfort, Ms. Stefanka created a solution to the problem by setting up a business bearing her own name.

Using technology to direct the buying process

Ms. Stefanka developed a software program that allows women to choose a bra design that is best suited to their body. Developed with the help of industrial designers, Stefanka’s system uses a device positioned at an angle to capture the customer’s body. With the help of an iPad and scanner, the device creates a digital 3D model of the customer’s bust without taking any pictures.

The data collected by the device allows it to render the bust in 3D and take precise measurements of the necessary parameters to determine which bra is most appropriate for the customer’s physique.

“The goal is to adapt the bra to the customer, not to force the customer to adapt to the bra,” Ms. Stefanka explained at this year’s Fashion & Design Festival.

Typically, the measurements used to determine bra size are based on a 2D conceptualization of the body. Only two parameters are taken into consideration: band size and bust size. Stefanka Lingerie wants to revolutionize the industry by using 3D technology to personalize the way women’s measurements are taken.

Happy customers, happy retailers

This new technology has many benefits for distributors. By using the system in their stores, retailers can provide a better customer experience by offering made-to-measure solutions, thereby reducing the number of returns. In the long term, it will also promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Future applications

Imagine receiving recommendations for bras suited to your body type, directly on your mobile, in the comfort of your own home. This will be a real option when Google finalizes the development of this new mobile technology. This new device will be able to triangulate data from two separate cameras to create a 3D model that represents the volume of an object.

By combining this mobile triangulation technology with its own software, Stefanka Lingerie will be able to meet its long-term goal of providing women with a catalogue of bras for different body types that users can browse through directly on their smartphone.

Finally, an innovative product that will bring an end to the inconveniences of shopping for the right bra. Congratulations to Ms. Stefanka and wishing the best of luck for Stefanka Lingerie’s continued success.

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