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Four times more powerful than HD? Oh yes!

19 Aug 2013

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

Have you heard about 4K TV? It’s the latest screen format that’s revolutionizing TV. Far from just a fad, this innovation will allow you to offer your customers a truly captivating experience.

What is 4K and how is it different from HD?

4K is a high definition (HD) image format in which the number of pixels has been quadrupled. In simple terms, 4K image quality is much clearer and better defined.

The main difference between 4K and HD image quality is six million pixels! By quadrupling the number of pixels on one single viewing platform, the image is spread over 2,160 lines made up of 3,840 pixels (instead of 1,080 lines of 1,920 pixels in HD). This increase in definition offers a far more detailed picture.

With this kind of definition, the image is sharper, has more depth and the colours are closer to reality. The result? A remarkably improved TV experience.

Watching a game in 4K: the ultimate viewing experience for sports fans

Sports television channels already have an edge over others. Broadcasting a variety of games in 4K allows sports fans to take full advantage of this new format, experiencing each game as if they were right there in the crowd!

4K has therefore become a dream opportunity for bar owners and restaurateurs who offer live viewing of sporting events. Because very few people have what they need to watch sports on a 4K big screen in their home, they’ll be more than happy to follow their favourite team’s exploits in a properly equipped establishment!

Be innovative

According to IHS Technology, 4K TV panel shipments grew by nearly 400% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2015, to reach 4.7 million units sold worldwide. Almost 2.6 million of these units were snapped up in China, leaving just 2.1 million Ultra HD displays for the rest of the global market.  Moreover, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) expects global sales to increase to 251 million displays by the end of 2015.

Because Ultra HD TVs have yet to flood the Quebec market, the novelty of having this kind of display in an establishment would be the perfect opportunity for restaurateurs and bar owners to offer customers a superior TV experience. It would also serve as a way to stand out from the competition before this technology becomes mainstream.

Speed: essential for getting the most out of your 4K TV

Any display that shows images in higher definition has to process more information. The 4K displays sold on today’s market all boast a smart TV system, which gives users access to applications that rely on an Internet connection in order to function. An Internet connection with an increased download speed is therefore essential in order to efficiently transmit 4K images. An internet connection with a minimum speed of 30 Mbps is therefore recommended to truly enjoy all that 4k TV has to offer.

It pays to offer a positive customer experience

The key to success in certain establishments is showing TV channels that cater to customers’ needs.  By combining the visual content that consumers seek with a superior viewing format (4K), you will be exceeding your customers’ expectations. Not only does the atmosphere created by the TV help to increase the establishment’s popularity among regular customers, it will also help to attract new ones!

This will permit you to develop an engaging relationship with your customer resulting in increased customer loyalty, allowing you really stand out from the crowd and further differentiate you from your competitors.

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