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A few customer service golden rules

6 Aug 2013

By Vidéotron Affaires
Videotron Business

No matter how big your company is or the type of products and services you offer, customer service quality is still THE selection criterion for your clients, and for the most part THE customer retention criterion. According to a recent study conducted with 359,000 consumers*, restaurant and retail customers spend 40% more on average if the service provided while eating or shopping is good. The interaction with the customer is vital. Therefore, an excellent service implies high quality interactions, that is to say the relationship established with the clients while they purchase, and customer service in general.

In terms of customer service, the position of Videotron Business Solutions is highly desirable. SME clients and large businesses overall satisfaction is above 97%, and more than 70% said that they are “very satisfied”. As far as customer service satisfaction is concerned, it is above 93%, with 77% of very satisfied clients.**

Instead of resting on our laurels, we believe that we can still do better. Thanks to our processes for continuous improvement, we keep on reviewing our ways of doing things to be able to offer more to our clients while trying to surprise them. It is our attention to details that made our success.

So here are a few golden rules that could contribute to your organization’s success with its clientele:

  • Know well your current customers and potential ones to understand their reality and adapt. It is important to always get to know more about your customers’ current and future needs and objectives. Remember, it is essential to offer the right product, namely the one that corresponds to the client needs, at the right moment.
  • Align your business hours with your customers’ needs.
    Some companies from the renovation and construction sectors have a dedicated contractor desk that opens earlier than the one intended for the general public.
  • Ensure a clear communication and show respect.
    This means being on time (or informing the client when you are late), listening to the clients’ needs, acknowledging a customer in the shop (for example, if you are already with another customer, tell the new one that you will be available soon), providing correct information, advising clients rather than trying to sell at all costs.
  • Identify yourself either with a badge or by saying your name, be polite and smile, show professionalism by doing some research for the client if you have to.
  • Simplify the shopping experience.
    Some companies from the furniture and design sectors simplify and improve the client experience by displaying their products already assembled with helpful accessories. This allows the customers to see and picture their own setting while being provided with some ideas. Put yourself in the client’s shoes… Always treat your clients as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Avoid any complex voice tree structure, and answer the phone promptly. Avoid transferring the customer a few times, especially if you do not stay on the line with them. Clients usually appreciate being able to speak promptly to a representative who will advise them and answer their questions.

Basically, what is important is to know your customers well and what satisfies them, that is to say what makes their client experience satisfying, even exceptional.

Would you be able to list what satisfies your customers?

* SMG Customer Satisfaction Index 2012

** Léger Marketing Survey – May 2013

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