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SIP PBX phone service : your business is more connected than ever

30 May 2013

By Jonathan Fortin

In the world of business telephony, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology is growing at a rapid pace. Many businesses now choose this technology for the simplicity, as well as the substantial savings it can bring.

In this feature, we will explore the essential criteria to look for when provisioning business lines for an enterprise-based telephony system.

Let’s illustrate it with an image: the five fingers of a hand. Essential and inseparable, here are 5 assets companies with a PBX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) will look for:

  • Affordability
  • Provisioning flexibility
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Security.

And if we are talking about an IP PBX system, one technology stands out like an extended hand: SIP telephony.

For the last few years, SIP has been used for multimedia communication, and it is the most used for VoIP. Present at all network levels (links between switches, network interconnectivity, etc.), its applications are numerous. Let’s look a little closer at a specific example: For an IP PBX based system, a telephone service replacing PRI-type trunking to access the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Affordability and flexibility

As a rule of thumb, businesses usually love hearing about additional savings in terms of their operating costs. SIP makes substantial savings possible. On top of benefiting from a single access point for both their voice and data needs, they can curb costs by removing PRI cards from their PBX systems. Moreover, a quick market research will make them realize that the price per line from most operators represents an interesting cost reduction compared to traditional technologies. This is a fortunate consequence of the increasing presence of IP technologies within our communication infrastructure.

Who never dreamed of solving a problem by simply using the index finger to push a button? The flexibility offered by SIP lines gives provisioning a completely different meaning that it did back in the day when lines grouped into units of 23 were the norm! Offered to users through an integrated IP access, the service enables adding or removing lines according to your needs. No more over-sizing!

Better quality

Is the lack of audio quality from certain providers something you can’t quite put your finger on? A good provider will have what it takes to guarantee this quality. The main factor influencing audio quality on your lines is the quality of the network. Transmitting your communication on a private network that will prioritize voice packets, optimizing the quality to your traffic, will guarantee you better performance than an Internet-based transmission. Be wary of over-sized Internet accesses, designed to compensate for the lack of service quality! Don’t hesitate to ask your provider questions on their voice codec: is it compression-free and similar in quality to the audio found in telephone networks?

Reliability of infrastructures

Just like the ring on your finger, when it comes to telecom infrastructure, a network designed in the shape of a ring means greater reliability. This design results in a happy marriage between infrastructure and installed equipment. This guarantees uninterrupted service will be prioritized, as will the quality of communication, through transporting your traffic on a robust private network (for instance MPLS). This results in greater reliability, thanks to redundant equipment and links. You should also question your provider’s access installation: are delivery equipment and gateways from reputable providers? Are diversity options available?

Increased security

Let your little finger remind you that in this day and age, the security of your communication is of the utmost importance. SIP technology, if it is correctly configured by a knowledgeable provider, improves on security, for instance by offering protection against service denial attacks. Both SBC and eSBC (Enterprise Session Border Controller) gateways play a critical role, and you should favor providers that install them in redundancy at their premises.


Videotron Business Solutions offers a premier yet affordable SIP service to companies with a PBX telephone system. This corresponds to the best of what technology has to offer, without compromise. You gain the assurance brought by a complete service, offered and managed by a single provider, from your SIP link to your public switched telephone networks. Our experts will gladly answer yours questions.

SIP telephony? Combining benefits that are as precious as they are complementary, just like the five fingers on your hand.

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