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All about the BlackBerry Z10

28 May 2013

By Bruno Crispin
Marketing Director, Business Mobility

Without a doubt, the BlackBerry 10 was one of the most awaited new smartphone this year! The Z10 model, with a completely tactile interface (no physical keyboard), is now available through Videotron Business Solutions. This new generation of smartphones for business people offers many features that make it both simple and user-friendly. Here are a few of the best.

Multitasking and Collaborating Multitasking is well integrated in the Z10, through a simple left-right swiping motion. This will display a screen of currently running applications, and allow users to manage them. The BlackBerry Flow interface also makes going from one to another very easy, and even allows you to "peek" at an application (for instance if you just receive an email) without having to close the application you're currently using. Two collaborating tools also stand out: it is now possible to share or update contact information with people who also use compatible BlackBerry phones, simply by placing the devices' back against one another. You can also share your screen with other BlackBerry users through BlackBerry Messenger, which is very useful for showing images, documents or other content, without having to actually download files.

The tactile keyboard Users familiar with the BlackBerry interface will be happy to learn that the tactile keyboard retains the presentation and functioning of the company's physical keyboards, including the character fonts and disposition. The Z10 virtual keyboard is smart; it studies your typing habits, and attempts to predict the next word, which can save a lot of time. The suggested word will appear right on top of the letter, so users can very easily select it if relevant. The keyboard, which makes extremely precise suggestions, will also try to correct frequently misspelled words.

The BlackBerry Hub The BBH is a notification center, gathering all email and social media accounts for a given user into a single application. Standard notifications, such as missed calls, voicemails and updates will also be displayed there. From the same place, users can write or reply to emails, or update Facebook and Twitter statuses. The BBH is displayed at any time, by simply making a "J" tactile gesture (swiping from the bottom left of the screen toward the upper right).

The BlackBerry Balance The company offers this new feature with the Z10, which is especially interesting for business people and even more so for small businesses. The Blackberry Balance enables users to keep separate environments for business and personal purposes. Through a BlackBerry server, a company can set up a workspace on the smartphone, and for instance install applications or emails accounts automatically. Data exchanged through this space is secure, and files will only be available through the work partition. But once the workday is done, users can then access their personal space, without any risk of mixing up the two. Employees leave the company, but keep their phone? The professional partition can simply be erased remotely.

Security Data transiting through the phone is encrypted, which prevents the possibility of someone intercepting sensitive information. It is also possible to tailor the locking of the screen according to your needs (automatic lock after only a few seconds in a high-risk environment, but no locking at home, for example).

Applications Moreover, the Z10 is shipped with a certain number of built-in applications that will make the life of business users easier. These include maps, a Web browser, a notes application, a smart calendar, and a file manager, not to mention integration with some cloud computing services.

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