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Using your mobile while traveling for business

2 May 2013

By Bruno Crispin
Marketing Director, Business Mobility

Did you know? Over 664,000 Quebecers travel for business at least once a year. Among them, 124,000 are even considered “frequent travelers”, since they make at least 9 of these trips yearly.*

Business traveling means using your mobile phone outside of the Videotron network, what is commonly referred to as roaming.

Because of its associated costs, many travelers worry when they use their mobile phone in roaming mode. A recent survey conducted by the European Commission even revealed that 72% of people traveling within the euro zone limit the use of their mobile when they are outside of their country.

But with Videotron, it’s business as usual!

What you need to know

When you have a mobile phone with Videotron Business Solutions, you do not have to purchase a kit enabling you to benefit from a lower roaming rate. You automatically obtain the best industry rates, and this, for calls as well as for data and text messages.

We offer:

Simplicity: Billing is usage-based; there’s no need to commit for several months if you know you will only be making a single trip.

Peace of mind: Your phone will work in more than 200 countries worldwide, thanks to our partnerships with a high number of carriers.

Savings: You can rest assured that your rate is the lowest possible.

Roaming Rates

Rates valid as of May 29, 2013.

Note for overseas trips

For security purposes, the international roaming function is blocked by default on all of our phones. Therefore, when planning a business trip elsewhere than in North America, you need to communicate with us so we can activate this setting in your account. Once unblocked, the international roaming fonction will always be available.

Enjoy your business trip!

* Statistics from the Print Measurement Bureau.
** Standard rates, as published by our competition.

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Marketing Director, Business Mobility