Helix: A true game changer

For sports fans

Helix: A true game changer

The Sports app, which can be accessed from Helix TV’s Apps menu, puts a wealth of information on your favourite teams and players at your fingertips.

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A sports fan’s best friend

Ask Helix for a wide range of real-time sports data and watch it appear right on your screen. Even in the middle of a game, you can access live statistics, schedules of upcoming games and even additional exclusive content. Stay tuned, there are many new features on the way!

Enjoy environments specially designed for major sporting events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and NHL playoffs.

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Discover all the possibilities of the Sports app

Mathieu Roy, host and tech geek, explains how to access your favourite team and player stats live as well as the schedules of upcoming games without missing one second of the game.

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Access tons of content with Helix

Get all the best sports content in one place, and much more! Catch all the big events like UFC and boxing matches on Indigo.

Missed the beginning of the game? Don’t worry, select “Restart” to see that great goal you almost missed.

You can also find your favourite TV channels or movies and series on Club illico, Netflix and YouTube.

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