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$ 98

for 24 months

Regular price: $ 133,00 /month.

Equipment fees extra

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Internet + TV

$ 98

for 24 months

Regular price: $ 133,00 /month.

Equipment fees extra

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Download speed:
Up to 100 Mbps


Connected devices:
4 to 7

Also included :
An ultrapowerful and smart Wi-Fi
The Helix Fi App
Parental control

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Total of 38 channels included:

23 Basic channels
+ 15 choices from Popular & Sports channels

Also included:
Parental control
100 hours of cloud DVR time
The Helix app
Kids’ Zone
Sports App

What’s the difference between Helix and illico?

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Helix is an entertainment ecosystem that replaces your existing equipment: the Helix Fi Gateway replaces the Wi-Fi router and modem and the Helix TV terminal replaces the illico terminal. Only Helix equipment (Helix Fi Gateway, Helix TV terminal, Voice remote, Wi-Fi Pods) can be used within this ecosystem.

You need one Helix TV terminal for each TV you want to connect to Helix.

Helix equipment can only be purchased. Go here to learn more about the cost.

There are two ways to pay:

  • Pay the total amount when you sign up
  • With an instalment plan In both cases, the taxes that apply to the equipment must be paid in full upon purchase.

You can get Helix Internet and the ultra-smart and powerful Wi-Fi that comes with it without signing up for Helix TV. Discover all available Helix Internet Plans here

The Helix Fi Gateway is an all-in-one product that combines the features of a modem and router. It delivers optimized, stable and powerful Wi-Fi to all connected devices.

No, illico recordings and settings cannot be transferred to Helix. To quickly reschedule your daily recordings, simply use the voice command; say the name of the show you want to record and select Record in the menu that opens.

After the installation, the technician will take back any rental equipment and leave the equipment that belongs to you. You can sell it, give it away or recycle it, as you wish.

You will get two bills (one for Helix products and services and one for your Mobile Phone and/or Home Phone services). You can view your bill for your existing phone services in your existing Customer Centre.

The first bill and the contract will appear in My Helix Account the day after you sign up.

No! You can use the Helix App on mobile or online to watch content when you’re away, no matter where you are.

Not at all! Helix technology is designed to provide an enhanced entertainment experience, including quick access to all your content on any screen, whether you’re home or away, and higher Internet speeds.


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