Web TV: Online Helix or illico movies & series

What Web TV service are you using?


Do you have an illico PVR? With the illico digital TV, you can watch live and on-demand content.

Go to illico.tv

Download the illico app to watch series and movies on your mobile device.
It’s free!

Helix TV

You can access your recordings with any type of Internet connection. Use Helix TV to watch content from all your entertainment sources.

Go to Helix TV

Download the Helix app to watch series and movies on your mobile devices.
It’s free!

What can Helix TV be used for?

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Download and Go

Avoid wasting mobile data. You can download movies or episodes from your favourite series to your tablet or mobile device.

How can I download content?

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Cloud recording

Record up to 8 shows at once to your Helix Cloud. Your recordings will be saved for 365 days.

How do I record content?

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Integrated applications

Connect to your Netflix and YouTube accounts. Helix will also search films and series from these TV entertainment apps.

Which apps are supported?


Finding content is easy: just ask your remote!

Voice command allows you to interact directly with your entertainment system. Use the voice recognition feature to find your content quickly.

Discover voice command

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Manage and monitor screen time.

Parental Control allows you to restrict access to content. Schedule a break from technology to remove distractions and promote family time.

Set up Parental Control