Support: Voice Command

Get familiar with your Helix voice remote

Mathieu Roy, a well-known host that breaks down the latest tech, explains everything your Helix voice remote can do. Learn how to use voice command to change channels or search for a show, without looking at the listings.

Frenquently asked questions

Lots! The Helix voice remote was specially designed to understand everything you say to it without you having to emphasize words or change your accent. Talk normally: the voice remote will understand you!

No. You have to be pressing on the voice remote’s micro button for it to pick up your voice command. There’s nothing to worry about!

No. The language of your terminal is the one your voice remote will understand. However, voice recognition will accept mixed commands, e.g., “I want to watch Salut Bonjour.” As a reminder, you can set your terminal to French and English. Here’s how.