Get up to $300 for your old phone

Time for a new phone? Our trade-in program is a win-win. Bring us your old mobile phone and get up to $300 towards the purchase of a new phone with a 24-month subscription or renewal, regardless of your current provider. It’s a great way to save time and money!

Three good reasons to trade in your phone

Save up to $300 on your new mobile phone

Save up to $300 on your new mobile phone

Gagnez le temps perdu à essayer de vendre votre téléphone

Save the time you’d lose trying to sell your phone

Faites du bien à notre planète en recyclant

Help save the planet by recycling

Four steps to get your phone ready for trade-in

  • 1 Back up your data

    Be sure to make a backup of all your personal information.

  • 2 Reset your phone

    Follow the procedures for deleting the contents of your old phone.

  • 3 Visit a store

    Bring in your old phone so that one of our representatives can assess its value.

  • 4 Purchase your new phone

    Sign up for a Videotron mobile plan and earn up to $300 in credit.

What you need to know about phone trade-ins
  • You can exchange only one phone at a time.
  • You must combine your trade-in with a 24-month subscription or renewal of Mobile service.
  • The battery and cover must be included with your phone.
How we determine the value of your phone
  • What model is the device?
  • Are the keyboard and touch screen working?
  • Are there any cracks on the screen or case?
  • Can we identify damage from liquids?
  • Are the battery and cover in good condition?
Visit a store near you
Ready to trade in your phone for something new? Bring us your device. Our in-store representatives across Québec will be happy to assess its value and help you choose a brand new mobile phone.
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