Multiline discounts

Different strokes
for different folks.

Get your own plan and your own data. Save up to $720 a year by bundling up to four mobile plans.*
The bigger your family, the more you save
Save $120/year
By bundling two Mobile plans
Save $360/year
By bundling three Mobile plans
Save $720/year
By bundling four Mobile plans

Enjoy all these advantages, too

  • Everyone can choose their own Mobile plan.

    Family discounts apply to all Mobile plans of 2 GB or more.

  • Keep your data to yourself

    Each cellular plan is separate, with no data or minute sharing.

  • Talk and text anywhere in the country

    Calling and texting is unlimited from coast to coast across Canada.

  • Manage your account without worrying about theirs

    Each family membercan log in separately to the Customer Centre.


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