Why choose Videotron

There’s every reason to make the jump to Videotron for your Mobile plan.

High-performance, ultravast network

Reliable mobile connection

Proven network performance

Nationwide network coverage

100% LTE coverage

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Rabais Multiservices

Multi-service discount

Save up to $5 per Videotron service

The more services you add on the same bill, the more you save. Combine your Videotron Internet, TV and Mobile services and pay less each month.*

Rabais Multilignes

Family discount

Save money as a family by combining your plans

Save up to $720 per year by combining up to four Mobile plans in your Customer Centre. Each plan can be separate, with no data- or minute-sharing.

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Travel far beyond Wi-Fi zones
Stay connected while traveling in more than 100 countries. From the US to Belgium to Greenland, cross borders with your current Mobile plan starting at $6 per day.

Complimentary training sessions with our Pros

Let our Pros show you how to get the most out of your smartphone.

  • Master your new phone
  • Discover hidden mobile features
  • Learn how to maximize battery life
  • And more
How to schedule a session
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