GET 2 FREE MOBILE LINES The bigger the group, the bigger the savings! Get 2 additional Mobile Lines at $0 when you subscribe to 2 All-Inclusive plans and an Internet access.
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Enjoy 2 free mobile lines in 3 easy steps

1: Subscribe to 2 All-Inclusive plans and an Internet access.
Select 2 All-Inclusive plans and an Internet access based on your needs. Avoid overage surprises with All-Inclusive plans: once you’ve reached your plan’s monthly data limit, you can access 100 Gb of yearly bonus data and continue to enjoy your mobile without worrying about data limits or speed.
2: Get 2 free mobile lines
Get 2 free Talk and Text plans when you bring your own device, and enjoy unlimited calls across Canada and unlimited texting in Canada and internationally. Also, choose 2 free options from among Call Display, Call Fowarding and Voicemail.
3: Add data based on your needs
Needs change over time, and so does your plan: add a recurring monthly Data Add-on to your free Mobile Lines, on subscription or at a later time, for easy browsing across the country.
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