Daily Traveller Pass

Make borders disappear with the Daily Traveller Pass, starting at $6/day. Activate the US or International Daily Traveller Pass option in the Customer Centre and roam on your smartphone in more than 100 countries*.

Option voyageur 24h US
$6 /day
Option voyageur 24h International
$10 /day
Why opt for the Daily Traveller Pass
  • Use all of your plan’s data allowance, even when you’re travelling
  • Only pay for the days you use your phone while roaming
  • Only pay for a maximum of 10 days in the US and 20 days abroad per billing cycle
  • Receive a notification when your data roaming charges reach $100
Get answers to your questions
What services are included in the Daily Traveller Pass option? Do I need to activate the option for every trip? Visit our support section to learn more about the best way to stay connected, anywhere in the world. View details >
How to add the option to your mobile plan
Want to activate the Daily Traveller Pass option? Nothing could be easier! Simply log in to your account and add the option to your mobile plan. Then enjoy travelling to more than 100 countries without giving those roaming charges a second thought! Track your data usage in real time from the Customer Centre or on the User Centre + app.
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