4 + 2 GB Premium mobile plan

You want to use your phone in your daily life or on a trip in the United States

Canada - United States
  • Data in Canada and the US 6 GB
  • Unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the US
  • Unlimited multimedia messaging from Canada and the US
  • Canada and US network coverage Yes
  • Daily Traveller Pass option
  • Ultrafast LTE network in Canada
  • Stingray Music app
  • Club Illico for mobile included

Go with the network that goes with you from coast to coast across Canada

Enjoy an ultra-fast LTE mobile network and network coverage that’s got you covered across Canada from coast to coast.

Blur borders with your mobile plan

Stay connected while travelling in more than 100 countries with the Daily Traveller Pass option, starting from $6/day.

Talk and text forever

You’ll run out of things to talk about and still never max out with unlimited calling and texting.

The traveller’s mobile plan
The freedom to travel is in your hands! This mobile plan, available for a limited time, makes your life easier en vous permettant d'utiliser votre mobile aux États-Unis sans frais d'itinérance. . Text as much as you want. Share your travel stories down to the last detail. And stay up to date on everything, everywhere in Canada and the US sans que vous ayez a activer une option..
Stay connected anywhere in Canada and the US
Hit the road with complete peace of mind. Our ultra-fast LTE mobile network follows you everywhere.
Enjoy all of these features
  • 4 + 2 GB of data
  • Unlimited calling anywhere in Canada and the US
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messaging in Canada and the US
  • Call waiting and conference calling
  • Two free features of your choice from among:
    • Call Display
    • Call Forwarding
    • Voicemail
  • Transfer of current mobile number
  • Emergency service (911)
  • No network access fees
  • Use your plan in the US for up to 120 days per year with no additional fees
Club Illico mobile now included with this plan
Watch thousands of movies and series on your mobile phone and tablet. Club illico mobile offers new programming every week, including exclusive original Quebec content, movies, TV series, youth programs, and documentaries.
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