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Basic 4 GB Mobile Bring Your Own Device plan

For those who keep a close eye on their mobile data use.

+ 10 GB per year in Canada
  • Data in Canada 4 GB
  • Bonus annual data in Canada 10 GB
  • Unlimited calling and texting in Canada
  • Daily Traveller Pass option
  • Ultravast, high-performance mobile network
  • QUB musique: $4.99 (preferential rate)

Go with the network that goes with you from coast to coast across Canada

Enjoy an ultra-fast LTE mobile network and network coverage that’s got you covered across Canada from coast to coast.

Blur borders with your mobile plan

Stay connected while travelling in more than 100 countries with the Daily Traveller Pass option, starting from $7/day.

Talk and text forever

You’ll run out of things to talk about and still never max out with unlimited calling and texting.

Basic 4 GB Mobile Bring Your Own Device plan

For those who keep a close eye on their mobile data use.

  • $40 /month

Use without counting

Don’t worry about being billed as soon as you reach your data limit! With the 4 GB plan, you get a bonus 10 GB per year to avoid any surprise overage charges. Text to your heart’s content. Talk on the phone all day long, from one end of the country to the other. Take control of your data consumption while using your device’s features to the fullest.

Stay connected from coast to coast across Canada

From the Maritimes to Vancouver, talk, text, react on social media and watch to your favourite movies in HD anywhere you may be. Our ultrafast LTE mobile network goes with you even the roads less travelled.

Included for even greater satisfaction

  • 4 GB of data
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messaging in Canada and to international phone numbers
  • Call waiting and conference calling
  • Call Display and Voicemail
  • Transfer of current mobile number
  • Emergency service (911)
  • No network access fees

Our All-Inclusive plans

Get a 100 GB bonus per year to avoid overage surprises.

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