Our Videotron Pros

Free personalized training sessions, informational videos and discussions on The Videotron Community.

Become a pro with our Pros

There’s a reason we call them Pros. These true professionals are genuinely passionate about their work. Their areas of expertise? Mobile and residential telephony, Internet and television entertainment.

Make the most of your Videotron services with their free personalized training sessions, informational videos and active presence on The Videotron Community.

Mobile telephony training sessions
Get the most out of your smartphone.
  • Master your new device
  • Learn how to configure your Bluetooth
  • Learn how to maximize battery life
  • Discover practical hidden features
  • And much more
Internet training sessions
Explore the possibilities of a fast and reliable Internet connection.
  • Discover Wi-Fi applications
  • Learn how to use Mobile Interne
  • Find out more about the benefits of the Hybrid Fibre network
  • And more
Illico training sessions
Enjoy the best of TV and treat yourself to more entertainment.
  • Learn why you need to know about channel 900
  • See how to subscribe to channels on demand
  • Find out everything about Club illico
  • Discover how to use illico applications
  • Learn how to use your new multi-tone HD recorder
  • And much more
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