3 GB tablet plan

A data plan for when you want to surf on the fly

  • Data in Canada 3 GB
  • Ultra-fast LTE network in Canada
  • Stingray Music app
  • Pay-per-use data

Enjoy loads of data

You’ll have tons of data for surfing. No worries!

Go with the network that goes with you from coast to coast across Canada

Enjoy an ultra-fast LTE mobile network and network coverage that’s got you covered across Canada from coast to coast.

3 GB tablet plan

A data plan for when you want to surf on the fly

Get more with Videotron
Stay connected clear across Canada with our ultra-wide network coverage
Bundle your family mobile plans and save big
Let your mobile plan travel internationally
Enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee

Pro's Notes

By Patrick Maltais

If you own a tablet, a data plan can really help you make the most of it. Here’s how it works: Just like a smartphone, your tablet connects to Videotron’s LTE network and allocates a cellular data block. Each month, the 3 GB plan allows you to:

  • View 500 webpages
  • Watch 2 hours of illico Web
  • Watch 1 hour of YouTube videos
  • Listen to 125 songs

What’s great about these plans is that you’re always paying the lowest possible price. If you exceed your data allotment, you’re simply switched to a bigger plan.

Get the most out of your tablet

Stay connected no matter where you are. The 3 GB tablet plan is perfect for when you want to surf on the fly without having to hunt for a Wi-Fi network.

Use your tablet without worrying about your data usage

If you go over your data allowance, you can add more without lifting a finger. Our tablet plans are cleverly crafted to automatically switch you to a bigger plan. That way you always get the best possible rate, based on your actual usage:
  • Up to 3GB: $45 or more
  • Up to 6GB: $65 or more
  • Up to 10GB: $85 or more
  • Up to 15GB: $105 + $0.05/ additional mo

Stay connected clear across Canada

Read books, comment on social media and watch your favourite HD programming, from St. John’s to Vancouver to Flin Flon. On the move? Our ultra-fast LTE mobile network goes with you right across Canada.

Enjoy all of these features

  • 3 GB of data
  • Network coverage in Canada
  • Stingray Music application
  • Access to ultra-fast LTE network
  • Additional pay-per-use data (automatic upgrade to bigger plan)

Watch TV anywhere with the ilico cloud app

On the bus or waiting in line? Liven up your days with entertaining moments from illico cloud. Subscribe to Club illico, download the app on your mobile and tune in to live games, on-demand series, movies, exclusive content and more.
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