Bring your memories full circle TEST Fou Raide The Gear 360 has evolved to let you record in 4K or broadcast live, and then personalize your recordings with the Samsung Gear 360 app. And with the Gear 360's smaller size and redesigned, easy-to-grip body, memories aren't the only thing you'll want to hold onto.
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Samsung Gear 360

Take 360 videos in 4K

Capture all the most memorable moments in 360° with the stunning clarity of 4K video and 15 MP photos. Dual 180° lenses provide an immersive 360° picture, so you get every perspective in a single shot.


Broadcast live on social media

Live-broadcast moments you want to share with friends and family, whether it’s a special event or a once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s simple: pair the Gear 360 camera with your smartphone or computer, then choose a platform to stream on in real-time.

Easily shoot and share

Add a personal touch to your 360 content. The Samsung Gear 360 app lets you alternate between various views. When you’re ready to start your new work of art, it’s easy to convert 3600 content into a standard video or photo format to upload for your followers to enjoy.
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