Policies and prevention measures - COVID-19

Here you can find all of our efforts to protect and support our customers and employees. Please note that this page will be updated regularly as we continue to implement new measures. 

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You can manage your services via your Customer Centre or My Helix Account.
If you are not yet a Videotron customer, you can safely and fully complete your online subscription for Helix services by choosing one of our custom plans. You can also consult the FAQ about our actions regarding the COVID-19.


Good news! All our stores are now open, and our teams are following the strictest sanitary measures.

According to regional health measures, our services offered in stores are adapted.

For store business hours, click on the button below.

In-store mesures

Note that in order to protect our customers and our employees, these stores will apply a strict service protocol and a strict hygiene protocol.
  • Greeting of customers with a hydroalcoholic solution and management of the number of clients in the store to respect the limit per square meter;
  • Increased hygiene measures for all surfaces, vehicles and products used by employees and customers;
  • Restrictions on physical contact: employees maintain as far as possible a minimum distance of 2 metres;
  • Installation of Plexiglas shields and protection panels between stations.

New equipment return instructions

Technicians can pick up equipment when they go to a customer's premises for an installation or a service call. See the FAQ at the bottom of this page for the conditions.
Customer Centre
Here are different actions that you can manage via your Customer Centre. You don’t have to contact our customer service!
My Helix Account 
Here are different actions that you can manage via My Helix Account. You don’t have to contact our customer service!

Always available to help you

In order to concentrate our efforts in the busiest times of the day, we have changed our hours.

See the opening hours of our stores

Note that Technical Support remains available 24/7 and Videotron Business is open during its regular hours.

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