You’re moving? Tell us your new address as soon as possible, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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How to change your address with us

Notify us.

Have your new address on hand and call our Customer Service department 30 to 45 days prior to your scheduled move.

Unplug everything.

Make sure to bring all your equipment with you to your new address.

Be there for your appointment.

Make sure to be there when our technician visits your new home.
Preparing for a visit from the technician.

In preparation for the technician’s visit, consider practising proper citizen measures during a pandemic such as limiting the number of people in your home and making sure that no one is under mandatory confinement or has COVID-19 symptoms. If there are risks, contact our Customer Service department to easily reschedule an appointment that will be safe for everyone.

The day the technician will visit, make sure you have everything you need connected. Plan for access to the distribution box and clear the space, and check for any restrictions.

To make your assisted installation easier and especially if your technician needs to visually check an item, they will suggest you use videoconferencing. You won’t have to install any apps and no audio and video data from this call will be kept.

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