Let us stay connected, now more than ever.

Your well-being is a priority for us.

Now more than ever, you want to stay connected to your loved ones. Videotron is committed to supporting you every day and simplifying your life during these unprecedented times.

Your Residential and Business Internet data is unlimited

So that all our customers may work from the comfort of their home, Videotron is suspending data limits on all Residential and Business Internet plans until June 30, 2020.

Rest assured that our network is powerful and designed to support you and your needs during this exceptional situation.

Free entertainment for the whole family

This period of confinement can be challenging for parents working from home. To help entertain you, as well as simplify your life, Videotron is unscrambling several channels, including some that feature specialized content for kids. Whether you’re subscribed to illico or to Helix TV, a wide variety of free content has been added to your entertainment space. Discover all free content via your TV terminal. 

Stay connected to your loved ones

We understand the importance of staying in touch with friends and family in these challenging times. That is why Videotron is suspending roaming fees and fees related to the Daily Traveller Pass in the eligible destinations . This way, even if you are currently abroad, you can still easily communicate with your loved ones using your mobile phone and the plan you are subscribed to in Canada.

Videotron: connected to our customers

Offering all of our customers the essential services and support they need to get through this crisis safely is our priority. All our measures have been put in place automatically. You do not need to contact Videotron to benefit from these changes, nor will they affect your monthly invoice balance.

Need assistance? We’ve got your back.

To easily install your Helix equipment, discover our special assisted installation procedure.

Looking for tips and tricks to optimize your services?

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