Helix TV Internet plans

Helix TV Internet plans

Make things easier by bringing all your TV entertainment together in one place. Our plans offer various subscription options at the best price according to your TV and Internet usage profile.

The most popular Helix plans

Special Offer + Vrai offered 12 months


00 /month

For 24 months

Regular rate after 24 months: $115 /month

Equipment cost included for 24 months: $20/month*

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Internet 100

Download speed up to 100 mbps

Data Included Unlimited

TV Light

Helix TV

23 basic HD channels

5 channels of your choice Popular

  • LCN
  • Max
  • Cinépop
  • AddikTV

Helix TV plans for all tastes

Select the Internet speed that suits you combined with the TV plan that allows you to enjoy rich and varied content on your favourite channels from the Popular, Sports, Premium and other specialties selections.

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Why choose Helix TV?

Helix brings all your entertainment together in one place: Club illico, Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, movies, series, pay-per-view content, etc. With Helix, watch TV on all your screens with a flexible and versatile plan.

Through French and English voice command, Helix instantly finds your favourite shows and series, an actor’s filmography, the weather, the news, the games of your favourite sport, the last game’s stats… and much more.

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Which package is best for you? The one that suits your needs at the best price.

Helix’s IP television packages offer French- and English-language TV channels. Choose from a wide selection of Trending, Sports and Premium channels, among many more. Watch shows produced in Quebec, Canada and abroad. Find your movies and series among On Demand or pay-per-view content, or on Indigo. You can stream or record them, and even download a lot of content through the Helix TV app.

With Helix, you can easily follow your favourite sports and listen to your music channels. Add your favourite digital entertainment sources, like Club illico, YouTube and Netflix, to be the first to take advantage of their exclusive French and English content, movies and series.

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Helix TV offers a wide selection of channels for a variety of television programming, French, English and other:

  • With every Helix TV subscription, you enjoy the Basic service, which offers 23 HD channels, including all the Canadian general-interest networks, access to Indigo and the pay-per-view TV service.
  • The Trending channels, which come with all TV packages, include a wide selection of Quebec and international TV channels.
  • The Sports selection offers a wide selection of Quebec and international sports channels.
  • TV and movie buffs will love our Premium channels.
  • A variety of top-quality music, international and sports channels in the pay-per-view offer will make your family happy.

See all channels.

You can change your channels or select on a pay-per-view basis others that would not be included in your new Helix TV subscription. To do so, simply log in to My Helix Account on Videotron’s website. Note that the price of your plan will change as a result of the change in your services, such as adding or removing a channel. Visit our Support site to earn more about how to change your channels.

Helix TV offers television over IP (IPTV), which delivers video signals over Internet protocol networks, giving it several advantages over conventional protocols such as cable or satellite. This gives you more flexibility when watching TV, as all content and entertainment platforms are grouped into one interface and you can now access all of this on your TV, phone, tablet and computer, wherever you are, without needing an STB or a terminal.

Unlike illico, Helix TV also offers voice command, the centralized search feature, the Kids Zone, remote viewing of recordings, Download to go for offline viewing and Chromecast streaming.

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Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre , coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.

* The amount of the monthly discount varies depending on the plan and the combination chosen. Equipment cost not included. Customers wishing to purchase other terminals must pay additional fees. The Helix Fi gateway may be purchased through a single instalment of $288 or an instalment plan of $12/month for 24 months. The Helix TV terminal may be purchased through a single instalment of $192 or an instalment plan of $8/month for 24 months. Taxes not included. An extended product warranty for an additional 24-month period is also available for $36 per equipment. Customers who unsubscribe before the end of the 24-month payment period will have to pay the remaining balance of the equipment’s costs.

Additional à la carte channels, devices, and other options are not included in the calculation of the monthly service rate required to be eligible for the discount. Installation of a Helix Fi Gateway required. It is possible for a customer to change their TV plan channel line-up at any time. However, each selected channel must be kept for a minimum of 30 days before customer can make another change pertaining to the channel in question. Additional channel blocks are available. Selected channels must be included in the channels available with the plan to which customer is subscribed. Fees apply for movie rentals and for viewing pay-per-view content. The rental period for adult movies may vary according to the type of content selected. Programming and rates subject to change without prior notice. Any changes made to a service, or combination of services, may result in a rate adjustment. Services, conditions and rates may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice.


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