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Whether you’re an SME with just a few employees or a large company, you can benefit from one of our Telephony solutions. The diversity of Videotron Business’ offer means the solution you choose adapts to your reality and evolves at the same rhythm as your company.

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Othmana Barro
“At Videotron, our Telephony solutions cover all your business needs”
By Othman Abarro, Gestionnaire principal, Produits et stratégie - Communications vocales et unifiées


Services that meet your company’s specific needs


Peace of mind thanks to a more reliable, safe, and high-performance network.


Competitive rates and services designed for companies of all sizes.

Your office anywhere, thanks to Cloud Communications

Videotron’s Cloud Communications offer the best IP telephony. Communicate as you see fit, from any device: telephones, mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Seeing as everything is stored in the cloud, you don’t need any equipment to take advantage of a ton of features, and you get a single number that follows you everywhere. The flexibility of IP telephony means all businesses can benefit from all the same features as large enterprises.

Our team of experts can teach you everything you need to know about our turnkey solutions.

Telephone system hosted in the cloud, included in your solution.

Telephone lines that give you peace of mind

By opting for cabled Telephone service, you get the most comprehensive, reliable, and safe line, whether you own a physical telephone system or not.

On top of benefiting from our top-quality lines, you also get a ton of call features at a competitive price.

Physical IP or analogue telephone system required.

Customized SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking delivered via a Hybrid Fibre Internet connection means you can have a single service provider (Internet access and SIP Trunking) and benefit from superior stability and an automated welcome message that transfers incoming calls to their intended recipients.

This scalable and customizable service offers many possibilities and allows you to oversee your company’s telephone system yourself. You can have as many numbers as you want, both local and international, that way you’ll be equipped to take all the calls that come your way.

Physical IP telephone system required.

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