We mean business

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Working for local businesses

At Videotron Business, we make it our mission to help our customers stay focused on what really matters: the success of their company. More than just a business partner, we also act as technological facilitator. We provide you with concrete benefits, in addition to technological input. Behind the routers and wires, a competent and caring person is there to offer you peace of mind. Rain or shine, we deliver the goods, because we know that you too have customers to serve.

Benefit from our reputation

We’ve been helping local businesses since 2007. The trust you place in us is our main calling card.

We offer customized solutions that meet your needs and simplify your daily life.

We service nearly 140,000 businesses in all fields of expertise.

Our customers come from companies of all shapes and sizes, which allows us to better understand your reality and your needs.

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Innovation and partnerships—at the heart of our support

Within our team, experts specializing in cutting-edge technologies are mandated to design and deliver complex solutions and products that meet the specific and diversified needs of companies, regardless of their size.

We propel growth

With the help of hand-picked local partners, we’re able to deliver advanced solutions faster and at a lower cost.

Meet our team

Numbers that speak for themselves

*According to a Leger Marketing study conducted in 2023