Cable Phone Lines for Companies

Get our Basic Line and add more options according to your needs.

Whether you have a physical phone system or not, cable telephony gives you access to the most reliable and secure technology along with impeccable voice quality.

Complete compatibility

Our commercial telephone lines are compatible with :

Our cable phone plans

Superior call quality. With or without a phone system.

Optimal Business Line

Starting at

$ 35
90 /month

With a 36 months agreement

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Optimal Business Line

12 features, including Voicemail and Line Hunting

Unlimited long distance calls within Canada and the U.S.

Rate of 4 ¢ per minute to 30 countries

Basic Business Line

Starting at

$ 30
95 /mois

With a 36 months agreement

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Basic Business Line

Line hunting + à la carte features available

Unlimited local calls + Free long-distance calling between videotron customers

Rate of 4 ¢ per minute to Canada and USA

Pricing details according to the duration of the agreement

Agreement duration Optimal Business Line Basic Business Line
36 months $ 35,90 $ 30,95
24 months $ 46,90 $ 34,95
12 months $ 48,90 $ 36,95

Monthly rate per line. * 50% off on installation fees with a 36 or 60 month agreement.

Combine and save!

Get the Optimal business line with 200/50 Hybrid Fibre Internet access for $102.95 /month and save $57/month.[ln]

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Specialized business options for cable phone lines

Adapt your telephony solution to your company with our à la carte options.

Option Price
Toll-free number $ 0,04 /min.
Voicemail Plus $ 8 /month
Distinctive ringtone $ 8 /month
Busy Call Return (*66) $ 3 /call, (max $ 21/ month)
Last Call Return (*69) $ 3 /call, (max. $ 21/ month)
Call Trace (*57) $ 5 /call, (max. $ 10/ month)

Advanced 911 Emergency Service

When a call is made to the Emergency Services (911), Videotron’s Business Line phone service automatically provides the caller's telephone number and address to the 911 operator without the caller having to supply them.

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